Gift That Glamorous Diva with Our Chic Holiday Picks!

Hello, everyone!  Are you at a loss on what to get for the fifty-plus lady with lavish taste this season?  Well, fear not because Off Broadway Boutique has compiled a fabulous list of fashion and beauty treasures for women over 50 that she’ll be sure to love.  From our shimmering clutch bags to our chic chocolate lip glosses, our holiday gift guide will provide plenty of stylish stocking stuffers for baby boomer women!

What’s more; the baby boomer woman will be the best-dressed woman around in our posh picks.  Whether she’s feeling floral or in the mood to sizzle, you’ll definitely win her 50+ fashion-loving heart with these gems.  After all, everyone deserves to shine like a star and Off Broadway Boutique is determined to bring that glamour to our fifty-something femmes this holiday!


In addition, we’re offering 10% to all our loyal baby boomer customers and faithful readers for a limited time.  Simply enter in this code OBBHoliday at checkout for holiday savings!

Why Bother Dressing Well?

When Off Broadway Boutique and Lynn Dell first stumbled upon we were in love!  We live for glamour and style, we celebrate the forty plus and baby-boomers confident in their aesthetic, we believe in looking and feeling our best always, and yes Heather Marie Claus’ brings you all of that and more. 

In particular we are most excited about the “weekly lessons” –  an on-going project which gathers real women to discuss questions about style.  As Lynn Dell, Owner and Countess of Glamour, loves to share her passion for style we thought this was a perfect opportunity.   After serving as a fashion commentator at hotels and benefits in addition to hosting her own successful fashion television show for 10 years, she truly knows a thing or two about style!

This week she answers the question: Why Bother Dressing Well?  See how she did and tell us what you think!

Why Bother Dressing Well?