Lynn Dell’s Sensational Discovery: Stylish Statement Jewelry

Hello, everyone!  In addition to the latest Angela Caputi collection, our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, brought a wonderful new selection of jewelry from her European travels.  Having handpicked them while on vacation in Italy, she added assorted collection of bracelets and necklaces to Off Broadway Boutique that make quite a statement.  Even better, they are precisely the kind of pieces that would bring the sizzle to a woman’s style!

After all, a bold and beautiful necklace provides plenty of possibility to jazz up your look – our ombre style link chain being a choice to do so with:

Ombre Chain Link Resin Necklace, $237, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

On the other hand, if taking a walk on the wild side is what you’re looking to do with your style, then look no further than our tortoise link necklaces.  Available in both short and long sizes, they’re the perfect complement to your autumn look:

Short Tortoise Style Chain Link Resin Necklace, $147, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Long Tortoise Style Chain Link Resin Necklace, $217, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Then again, if you’re all about having your wrists do the talking when it comes to your fall style, you’ve found the perfect fashion jewelry in our tortoise style bangle bracelets.  Whether they are of the simple bangle style or the buckle bangle bracelet look, you’ll definitely capture everyone’s attention when you slip them on.

Slim Tortoise Buckle Style Bangle Bracelet, $117, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Slim Tortoise Bangle Bracelet, $57, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Large Tortoise Buckle Style Bangle Bracelet, $217, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

While statement jewelry pieces are all the rage these days, Off Broadway Boutique’s newest collection of Italian resin jewelry possesses that rare quality that sets it apart from the rest.  Designed in a far more impressive motif than the standard statement jewelry, they make so much more than a simple statement – all the more reason why they would make the perfect new addition to your jewelry collection!

Get Lynn Dell’s Sensational Summertime Look!

Hi, everyone!  One of the most exciting things about being featured in our good friend, Ari Seth Cohen’s, bestselling book, Advanced Style, is having readers from around the world travel to Off Broadway Boutique.  While some visit to get a glimpse of our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, others come to see how they can look as fabulous as she does every day.  This is where our fantastic team of fashion experts step in to create looks that capture your individuality while utilizing the style statutes that has made Lynn a timeless fashion Do!

A stickler for comfortable style amidst the scorching summer days in New York City, Lynn has always sworn by wearing light layers to beat the heat.  This was certainly the case when she met up with Ari earlier this week in a divine white square neck Moroccan top from our shop.  Wanting to make sure that she looked her absolute best for him, she paired her outfit with a stunning collection of jewelry and accessories that are also available at Off Broadway Boutique.  From her wonderful mother of pearl necklace, clear rhinestone resin ring, and simple pearl earrings to her snazzy hat and shades, she took Ari’s breath away.  You can take a cue from her by accessorizing your lightweight summer look with bold accessories that will have that lasting effect on everyone.

Also famous for her love of color, Lynn almost never misses an opportunity to step out in bright and beautiful hues.  After all, it plays right into her famous motto that every woman must dress for the theatre of her life.  It is this fearless attitude about fashion that caught Ari’s eye in the first place, which is why he was so delighted to see her a second time a few days ago in a gorgeous green mesh top with a tank top underneath, complementary turquoise Moroccan pants, and a green Panama hat on her head.  Completing her ocean inspired look, she slipped on a pair of spectacular sunglasses to accentuate her beautiful resin bracelets and stud earrings along with her stunning handmade scarf.  What’s more; he thought that Lynn looked so great that he had to take a photo of her in her fashionable outfit – an outfit that can easily paired together by our wonderful fashion experts!  In taking a page from her book, you will look just as summertime sensational as the Countess of Glamour herself!


Once in a while, Lynn loves to embrace her provocative side by slipping on something that shows a hint of skin.  This was surely the case yesterday when she decided to wear our string shirt over a camisole while pairing it with a sleek pair of leggings, as it was a sexy look without being far too revealing.  To punch up her style, she wore a stunning clear crystal Lucite bracelet from Paris on her wrist while sporting a sassy umbrella that works just as well for rain or shine.  Get inspired by her on a steamy summer day by pairing this outfit with a casual baseball cap, though our string top would be just as stylish when paired with an ornate brooch pinned on it for a formal occasion.  Versatile enough to be worn casually or for a formal event, it is also washable and can be stored in your luggage every time you take your summer vacation.

Above all else, Lynn believes in the power of pampering, as the feeling of being indulged has a wonderful effect on how you present yourself to the world.  She always does a spectacular job of doing both, as was the case earlier this week when she visited a nail spa in a gorgeous poncho-style Battenburg lace top and flattering white Moroccan pants that can be found at Off Broadway Boutique.  Our fashion experts have taken this adage to heart, which is why they ensure that each and every woman that visits our shop feels as pampered as Lynn.  In getting to know every customer, we figure out how to provide you the confidence and style that Lynn effortlessly carries herself with.  This is an invaluable gift that we are sure that you will cherish forever.

As Ari Seth Cohen has done such a magnificent job in capturing the essence of Off Broadway Boutique through his muse, Lynn Dell, we believe that you can also find inspiration in Advanced Style.  A runaway hit that has been receiving all kinds of accolades, we currently sell the book at our shop and invite you to visit us to get some fabulous fashion ideas for the season – courtesy of the Countess of Glamour herself.