Dress To Impress: A Glorious Evening with Girlfriends

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Hello, ladies!  We at Off Broadway Boutique know that a date with girlfriends is just as important as a date with your beloved, which is why dressing for the occasion is a must!  Luckily for you, inspiration can be taken from our one and only Countess of Glamour, who knows a thing or three about flaunting sensational style.  Never one to stay home night after night, she relishes the times that she spends with her friends and makes sure that her outfits always reflects this.

Not sure how to dress for your next date with your girlfriends?  Take a page out of Lynn Dell’s book, as her dinner-and-theatre duds were a smash hit with her fellow gal pals, Linda Derector and Deidra Baker.  Draped in a flowing Moroccan cotton tunic, pants, and head wrap that glowed in a glorious yellow hue, the exclusive Off Broadway Boutique outfit was the perfect choice to bring out the golden shine in her bangles and earrings.




Not to be outdone, eyewear diva extraordinaire and owner of Out of the Ordinary Eyewear, Linda Derector, wore a long striped caftan that was equal parts trendy and elegant.  Considering that she has made a successful business out of treasure trove of vintage designer eyewear – a pair of which she’d had on that night – it made perfect sense for her to dress sensationally for their dinner date.

The third member of the fabulous trio, Deidra Baker, wowed in a leopard trench coat that complemented her champagne-colored ‘do. A successful real estate agent at Abbott and Caserta by day and moonlighting novelist at night, she took the bold and beautiful route in making a splash that evening.  The result was a smashing impression that almost eclipsed the actual show that they’d gone to see, as well as the delicious food that they’d enjoyed afterwards.


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If you aren’t sure how to make your look complement the wonderful evening at the theatre and dinner, look no further than Off Broadway Boutique.  Whether your style is synonymous to Linda’s classically chic one, identical to Deidra’s ravishingly striking one, or inspired by the Countess of Glamour’s gorgeous one, our team of fashion consultants will definitely help you dress for a dinner date with panache.  Stop on by and see just why our shop is the place to get your glamour!


Sunny Anderson’s Sensational Shopping at Off Broadway Boutique


Hi, everyone!  This past Monday was a wonderful example of how a chance encounter can turn into fashionable fun at Off Broadway Boutique.  It all started on a lunch date between the Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, and her friend, where she was approached by the culinary diva, Sunny Anderson, about the gorgeous ring on her finger.  Recognizing her as the host of the fantastic Food network hostess of How’d That Get On My Plate?, Cooking For Real, Home Made in America, and Gotta Get It, as well as the author of the upcoming cookbook, “Sunny’s Kitchen: Easy Food for Real Life”, Lynn Dell was more than happy to send her to our shop.

Upon arriving, Sunny immediately asked our fantastic fashion consultant, Pat, for a ring that was as bold and beautiful as the Countess of Glamour.  Slipping into personal shopper mode, Pat took one look at the bubbly TV personality and decided that our gorgeous white resin ring would make the perfect complement to her effortless style.  From there, Sunny decided that our art deco gold handbag was another fashion must-have to add to her collection – a sentiment that Pat definitely agreed with.


Head over heels in love with her new wardrobe additions, as well as with the glamorous ambiance of our shop, Sunny promised to return to Off Broadway Boutique as one of her choices for chic shopping in New York City.  After all, we are your one-stop shop in making gorgeous glamour happen from head to toe.  Our exemplary customer service and fashion expertise is precisely why we have been have been a style showstopper for over 50 years.

A Marvelous Morning with Lynn Dell




Hello, everyone!  Although it’s been over a year since our Countess of Glamour graced the pages of Ari Seth Cohen’s bestseller, Advanced Style, she has been attracting quite the A-list buzz from savvy fashionistas around the world.   After all, her knack for always having her finger on the pulse of what women want when it comes to their style is what prompted an adorable French blogger named Timai to reach out to Lynn in the hopes of snagging an interview.


Honored by the invitation, Lynn Dell immediately accepted her request and invited her to spend the morning in her glamorous appointment.  Making plans to fly from her hometown of Paris to New York City – where she’s been longing to live – Timai thought of this as a fantastic opportunity to meet the woman who successfully put fashion on the map on the Upper West Side with our shop, Off Broadway Boutique, over 50 years ago.


Upon meeting her on her doorstep that late June morning, The Countess of Glamour was tickled to see that fashionable femme looked to be no more than 16 years old soaking wet – especially after finding out that she was a mother of two with a full-time job outside of her blog, superbytimai.  Dressed in a Moroccan cotton outfit that is made exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique along with amazing Afghan jewelry that we also sell, it was the very look that she’d wear to Bette Midler’s play later that night.


Over the next few hours, Timai conducted a larger-than-life video interview that proudly displayed the fabulousness of Lynn Dell.  Regaling her with priceless bon mots about dressing for the theatre of one’s life, she epitomized one of her favorite sayings, “I am my own special creation” – the result being an inspiration in living her life and style to the fullest at 80 years old.  We can continue to discuss the many ways that The Countess of Glamour charmed yet another, but we believe that this enchanting video will explain it all!

Lynn Dell from Supertimai on Vimeo.

Needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Timai’s article caught the attention of the blog of the French edition of Elle Magazine as well!