Wrap Yourself in Elegance This Winter in Our Fashionable Fleece Pieces

The Countess of Glamour Strikes a Pose in Our Fashionable Womens Fleece Coat

Happy Winter, ladies!  Though the weather outside is frightful, the 50-something women’s fashions at Off Broadway Boutique are quite delightful.  After all, our fabulous fleece collection is a wonderful reason to rejoice, for it provides that comfortably luxurious feeling that is befitting for a chic baby-boomer lady like yourself.  Available in gray, green, red, and brown, these women’s clothes are exclusively crafted by our seamstress in our design studio so that you can enjoy that one of a kind baby boomer glamour this season!

A perfect way to start would be with our long fleece jacket, for it is the epitome of majestic magnificence.  Great to wear to religious service or a formal holiday dinner, it will look splendid with a bold turtleneck and our flower vine scarf.  Not only does the scarf add that extra flourish to your style, it’s a wonderful complement to our oversized beret.  Though we carry this style throughout the year, we’ve introduced it in fleece in time for the holidays so that you can look baby boomer gorgeous in this entire ensemble!

Long Fleece Coat, $317, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique

Garland of Felt Flowers Scarf, $77, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique

Oversized Felt Beret, $117, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique

However, if your idea of holiday style is about sassy baby-boomer style, then you’ll surely fall in love with our short fleece women’s jacket.  Boasting a flowing silhouette that allows you to look effortlessly elegant, it’s a fantastic choice to wear while shopping, on your way to work, or out on a lunch date.  Pair it with our classic fleece hat and you’ll make quite the festive figure around town.  After all, you deserve to be just as chic as you are cozy and you’ll definitely find it in this lavish baby boomer fashion look!

Short Fleece Jacket, $217, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique

Classic Polar Fleece Hat, $107, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique

Then again, you may be all about providing that posh pizzazz to your wintertime baby-boomer look.  Should that be the case, our striped fleece pieces will work wonders on bringing it all together.  Simply grab that short fleece jacket of yours and match it up with our two-tone striped fleece scarf.  Not only will you be enveloped in style, you’ll be the coziest fifty plus fashionista woman around.  So cap this look off with our stylish striped hat and all eyes will be on you.

Two Tone Striped Fleece Scarf, $147, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique

Two Tone Striped Hat, $177, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique

Whether you’re in a red, brown, green, or gray mood, you’ll find plenty of plush pieces to sink your teeth into this season.  After all, our fleece fashion collection provides the luxe comfort that every baby-boomer stylista woman deserves.  A definite must-have for the holidays, these exclusive pieces also make great gifts for the fabulous fify-plus woman who’s definitely been good this year.