Gift That Glamorous Diva with Our Chic Holiday Picks!

Hello, everyone!  Are you at a loss on what to get for the fifty-plus lady with lavish taste this season?  Well, fear not because Off Broadway Boutique has compiled a fabulous list of fashion and beauty treasures for women over 50 that she’ll be sure to love.  From our shimmering clutch bags to our chic chocolate lip glosses, our holiday gift guide will provide plenty of stylish stocking stuffers for baby boomer women!

What’s more; the baby boomer woman will be the best-dressed woman around in our posh picks.  Whether she’s feeling floral or in the mood to sizzle, you’ll definitely win her 50+ fashion-loving heart with these gems.  After all, everyone deserves to shine like a star and Off Broadway Boutique is determined to bring that glamour to our fifty-something femmes this holiday!


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Take a Walk on the Wild Side in Leopard Chic!

Hello, ladies!  Do you get bored at the sight of Fall for women over 50 wardrobe?  Perhaps, it’s time for a fashion shake-up and Off Broadway Boutique’s the perfect place to make it happen.  After all, we’re all about making baby boomer women stand out in style and our lovely leopard collection is just the antidote to your fashion doldrums.  From our snazzy hats to our elegant jackets, you’re destined to find that piece that’ll add that extra oomph to your look.  And if you’re not sure just where to start, scroll down to find some great style ideas for fashionistas over 50!

Have you been searching for a way to jazz up your fifty-something fashion ensemble with?  Well, you’re in luck because there our leopard cover-ups certainly fit the bill.  While our three-button jacket is just the thing to wear out to a casual dinner, our leopard poncho will add that extra fifty-plus spice to the gown that you wear to a Broadway show.  If you’re looking for a stylish way to stay out of the rain, our Ivan Grundhal trench is simply divine.  As for our fur vest?  It’s the perfect way for a woman over fifty to look sassy while keeping very warm!


Leopard Hip-Length Three Button Jacket, $397, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique


Leopard Fur Poncho, $317, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique


Chaarm Leopard Print Long Fur Vest, $494, featured by Off Broadway Boutique


Ivan Grundahl Leopard Trench Coat, $727, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Maybe, you’d rather take this one step at a time.  If that’s the case, there’s no need to fret because there are plenty of baby boomer pieces that you can choose to complement your outfit.  From our bold bangle bracelets to our audacious artisan hat, you’ll definitely make a lasting impression with minimal effort.  What’s more; our leopard and chocolate scarf will punch up a khaki jacket while our leopard tote and evening bag are simply chic choices for almost any occasion that calls for a 50-something woman to look fabulous.  If you’re in the mood to add some major sizzle to your style, choose our leopard cocktail hat with feathers so that you can attend the opera in style!


Hancy, Inc. Acrylic Leopard Print Oversized Bangle, $77, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Carolina Amato Crushed Velvet Ruffle Leopard Boa, $107, featured by Off Broadway Boutique


Oversized Leopard Beret, $117, exclusively by Off Broadway Boutique


Treska Patent Leopard Print Handbag, $127, featured by Off Broadway Boutique


Sondra Roberts Leopard Evening Bag, $217, featured by Off Broadway Boutique


Frank Olive Leopard Cocktail Hat with Feathers, $377, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

After seeing a taste of what we’ve got to offer with our leopard style collection, we at Off Broadway Boutique think that you should indulge by adding a few pieces to your collection.  Not only will you stop traffic with your luxe look, you’ll be one of the best-dressed baby boomers around.  With that, you’ll be the fiercest femme in town!  And if you happen to be in town, don’t hesitate to stop by to see just what inspired our panorama of leopard chic.