Transform Into a Tastemaker in Our New Thai Jewelry Collection!

Hello, ladies.  Are you hungry for the kind of jewelry that’ll put you ahead of the fifty-something style set?  Well, you’ve visited us at the right time because Off Broadway Boutique’s introducing a brand new jewelry collection, ‘Vilaiwan, to feast your eyes on. Vilaiwan jewelry is imported from exotic Thailand, these high-end pieces possess the stunning beauty that will set you apart from the rest of the fashionable fifty-something women.  What’s more; this collection of bib necklaces and bold earrings boast sensational semi-precious stones that you’re destined to fall in love with.

Let’s say that you’re looking for a way to draw attention to your décolletage and aren’t afraid to boldly go where no 50-plus fashionista has gone before.  You should take a gander at our beautiful blue glass bead necklace, for it certainly lives up to its audacious look.  Featuring two layers of cascading beads that are held together by gold-beaded string that intertwines with each gem for a bib effect, each one has a tiny multifaceted bronze crystal bead in between.  These beaded strands range from two to three teardrop-shaped beads per strand while being encased in bronze.  A one-size-fits-all necklace, it is for the baby boomer woman who wants to make a big splash at the opera.


Vilaiwan Blue Glass Beads Necklace, $577, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Perhaps, your idea of fabulous baby boomer elegance is steeped in florals.  If that’s the case, our chic crystal three-flower clip-on earrings are just the thing for you.  Each piece boasts a gunmetal, copper, and bronze flower that are designed in a cluster style, while the multifaceted crystals add a great deal of dash to your look.  Shimmering under the bright lights, these earrings make the perfect complement to a sassy bob hairstyle.

Vilaiwan Three-Flower Crystal Clip-On Earrings, $157, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

If you’re the kind of fifty something lady that loves to make a lasting impression by pushing the envelope, you’ll find a kindred spirit in our gold over brass necklace.  Made of 18K gold that coats the brass base, the curved rod sits at the base of your neck so that the hammered curved leaves on each side will stand out over your décolletage.  While the left leaf is plain, the right leaf cradles a cornucopia of small ruby crystals and tinier gunmetal crystals that provides a dazzling effect.  For the glamorous woman that appreciates an avant-garde twist, this asymmetrical style necklace is the ideal choice to wear to an art gallery opening with a flowing black tunic.

Vilaiwan 18K Gold over Brass Necklace with Ruby Crystals, $567, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Maybe, you’re a woman over 50 that craves classic sophistication without being snooze worthy.  Should that be the case, you’ll find our yellow topaz and pink quartz bib necklace quite appetizing.  Showcasing a flurry of purple, champagne, green, and lavender quartz beads that are held together by a woven wire frame, they glimmer in the light for a subtle look that accents your style.  What’s more; this piece has a pullback latch clasp closure whose length can be adjusted so that it can rest on your neckline.  Wear this with our elegant black jumpsuit to a formal dinner and you’re certain to be the fifty-plus belle of that ball.

Vilaiwan yellow topaz & pink quartz necklace, $397, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Then again, if you’d like to inject some feminine allure to your glam baby boomer look, you should seek out our crystal four-flower clip-on earrings.  Similarly styled like our three-flower versions, each piece boasts a copper, gunmetal, bronze, and jet-black crystal flower clustered atop one another.  While the top bronze flower is two-tiered and slightly larger than the other three, both earrings provide length so that you can wear these with an elaborate updo.  We think that these are a wonderful choice for a special occasion that calls for you to look like a star.

Vilaiwan Crystal Four-Flower Clip-On Earrings, $177, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

However, you can also find a jewel that balances razzle-dazzle with a natural charm because our pearl and ruby necklace offers this in spades.  Designed with multifaceted ruby glass beads with mother of pearl leaves that dangle below for a bold centerpiece that is just as luxe as it is refined, it exudes luminescence that belies some of the leaves’ rough texture.  With a hook closure and a sterling silver chain extender that allows you to adjust the necklace length, this necklace allows you to look your very best when you pair it with our black jersey capelet dress.  Its bright red boldness and pure glamour makes it the best centerpiece to wear to a Broadway show.

Vilaiwan Mother of Pearl and Ruby Necklace, $327, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

We at Off Broadway Boutique know that you’re the sort of 50-something stylista that starts trends, which is why we’re certain that our big and bold Vilaiwan jewelry collection is perfect for you.  Not only will you stand out in the crowd in our limited edition pieces, you’ll be able to boast that you’re wearing some of the most unique baby boomer jewelry around!  Whether you’re attending an elegant event or have to dress for a special occasion, you can take heart in the fact that you’ve found outstanding pieces that encapsulate your luxurious style!