Off Broadway Boutique Profiles: Jewelry Maven Lorry Warhaftig

Lynn Dell Lorry 

Hello, everyone!  One of the many reasons why we at Off Broadway Boutique have prided ourselves on the fantastic pieces that we sell is because of the relationship that we share with their designers.  Brimming with talent with an eye for the theatrical glamour that we exude, they are people that we are proud to call a part of our family.  Lorry Warhaftig is no exception to this, as she has had a successful jewelry concession stand in our shop for many years. Forging a close relationship that has turned into a cherished friendship with Lynn Dell, it was no surprise that she welcomed her and her beloved husband, Sandy, at her 80th birthday brunch recently.

Lorry’s daughter, Gerry, had decided that the perfect way to pay homage to her beloved mother was to have an outdoor brunch on the lawn of her New Jersey home. After all, what better way to thank your mother for raising 3 lovely daughters by throwing her a Sunday fete with her loved ones?  The fact that both Lynn Dell and Sandy were a part of that group was very heartwarming.  What’s more, the brunch was also a celebration of Gerry’s husband’s 60th birthday.  Add those two milestone birthdays together and you’ve got a 140-year-old birthday party – quite a befitting festivity for a fabulous friend of Off Broadway Boutique 

In addition to being in the presence of all of Lorry’s 3 daughters, both Lynn Dell and Sandy got to mingle with the rest of her family.  Needless to say, it was a relaxing occasion that was filled with love, joy, and happiness – 3 qualities that we at Off Broadway Boutique always present in the fashions, accessories, and jewelry that we sell.  Lorry’s jewelry is no exception to that, which is why we are proud to call her a member of our family!

The Countess of Glamour Takes New York

Hello, everyone! We often wax poetic about the wonderful Big Apple, but our Countess of Glamour’s latest escapades underline the fabulous fun that one can have here. After all, where else can one have their photo taken by the legendary Bill Cunningham while chatting it up with the dapper Ari Seth Cohen?


The fun in question was at the opening of the very talented jewelry designer, Barbara Berger’s, exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design, where Lynn Dell decided to go with her good friend, Lucille. In town from San Miguel, Mexico, Lucille was thrilled to see that there were plenty of women and men who were bedecked and bejeweled in honor of the exhibit’s title: Fashion Jewelry: The Collection of Barbara Berger.  Not one to be undone in this stylish soiree, Lynn Dell wore a hat that was such a smash that she captured everyone’s attention!


To say that there were plenty of luminaries in attendance is an understatement, as they saw plenty of our fashionable Off Broadway Boutique customers there.  In addition to conversing with them, Lynn Dell and Lucille met up with famed author, Ari Seth Cohen, whose book, “Advanced Style”, continues to be a smashing success.  What’s more, both ladies were photographed plenty of times by many photographers, including the legendary New York Times shutterbug, Bill Cunningham. A huge admirer of his for years who enjoyed his documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, it was such a thrill to be captured in celluloid. An added bonus was meeting a lovely editor from a Mexican magazine, who Lynn Dell immediately introduced to Lucille.  The result was a wonderful time that was had by both of these fashionable women.


Interestingly enough, Lynn Dell spied Iradj Madgi’s turtle pin at the exhibit.  Not only did we once sell it in our shop, her beloved late friend, Barbara Kellman, bought it from us long ago.  The turtle pin holds a special place in Lynn Dell’s heart – especially since Barbara’s son had gifted her with the sparkler after she’d passed away. This, along with a wonderful dinner at Porterhouse at the Time Warner Center building afterwards, marked the beginning of a wonderful week that continued with Lynn Dell and our Off Broadway Boutique fashion consultant, Pat, going to see Motown: The Musical on Broadway this past Wednesday night.



Both ladies had a rousing good time as they tapped their toes to the Sound of America from their first row center seats. Yet, the true surprise of surprises was seeing some of our Off Broadway Boutique customers in the audience enjoying the show along with them. Even better, Lynn Dell and Pat saw some more of our customers onstage as they were singing and shimmying through the Motown hits.


After such a jam-packed week, our Countess of Glamour has decided to head out to the picturesque Montauk for a relaxing weekend.  Though she’ll definitely dish next time about the wonderful time that she’s having, we want to close this by wishing everyone a wonderful Fourth of July. And, as always, everyone is welcome to frolic in the fashionable playground known as Off Broadway Boutique.

Step Out in Style with Our Sensational Statement Earrings

Ladies, we know that sizzling style is a must-do during this time of year, as fading into the fashion woodwork won’t do you any good.  If you’re not sure how to make an incredible impression, look no further than a fabulous pair of earrings. Not just an amazing attention-getter, they complement your looks while adding plenty of glamour.

Invited to a summertime soiree? Accentuate your black and white outfit with a gorgeous pair of earrings from Kenneth Jay Lane!



Kenneth Jay Lane black resin earrings with pearl accents, $77, available at Off Broadway Boutique

Perhaps, you’re dressing for a dream date on a sultry night.  If so, cap off your ravishing red look with our exotic earrings – designed exclusively for us by one of our most sought-after New York jewelry designers, Diana.



Tribal-influenced bone clip on earrings, $157, exclusively at Off Broadway Boutique

Should your style be at one with nature, add a bit of sparkle to it with our bestselling tree earrings from South America.  Whether you choose them in gold or silver, they make wonderful companion pieces to your turquoise wardrobe.



Clip on tree earrings, $137, exclusively at Off Broadway Boutique (available in gold and silver)

Then again, if dressing for the theatre of your life may be your top priority, you’ll find that these coppery dangling pod earrings will definitely live up to your expectations.  Hand-picked by the Countess of Glamour, herself, during her travels to San Miguel, Mexico, they were crafted by a local artist who painted genuine pod leaves with copper and accentuated them with pearls for a unique look.



Copper-painted pod leaf earrings with pearl accents earrings, $97, exclusively at Off Broadway Boutique (available in clip-ons and French wire hooks)

Determined to stand out from the rest of the crowd?  Embrace the pop aesthetic of our pretty chandelier earrings by wearing them to liven up your silver look this season.  Made by a fantastic artist in New York who decided to bring out the whimsical black and white designs with crystal accents, they’re a brilliant way to look beautiful this season.



Crystal-accented black and white resin chandelier earrings, $97, exclusively at Off Broadway Boutique

Once you slip on our glorious earrings, you’ll certainly make a statement that will garner plenty of buzz that’ll last all season long.  Why not put this style theory to the test by stopping by Off Broadway Boutique to get a pair? After all, you deserve to look and feel like a million dollars in your dazzlingly distinctive style.