Show off Sensational Spring Style in our New Diva Hats

Hello, ladies! As your source for elegant style for women over 50, Off Broadway Boutique prides itself on providing you with the stunning pieces that will spice up your spring look. This year is no exception, as we are introducing gorgeous new styles from our organza Diva hat collection! Every hat will make the perfect complement for a true diva that wants to make that lasting style statement!



Ranging from $157-$187, these limited edition chapeaus possess the classic glamour that works well for casual events and special occasions. Designed by master milliner, Irina Deynega, each hat is one of a kind for the over 50 woman that believes in always looking her best. With Easter Sunday around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to see our Diva Hats at Off Broadway Boutique.

Mary Kilgarriff’s Fabulous Diva Hat – Off Broadway Boutique Shopper Style!

It’s no secret that Off Broadway Boutique carries the most elegant and glamorous fashion accessories for women over 50 found around the world!   Diva Hats, designed by master milliner, Irina Deynega, is a perfect example of this, as they were made and imported to our boutique from Russia.  As extravagant and classic as they are, these stunning hats come in a variety of styles so that fashionable over 50 women can wear these for both casual occasions and special events.

When the lovely Mary Kilgarriff came into our boutique, she instantly fell in love with one of the Diva Hats on display at our store. The extraordinary eye catcher complemented her playful yellow polka dot dress seamlessly, which is how she ended up snagging the chic chapeau.

Ever so grateful to have found such a Summer style must-have for a fashionable woman over 50, Ms. Kilgarriff sent us a few images taken of her wearing the Diva Hat to her cousin’s wedding in France. Doesn’t she look fabulous?!


Mary and Husband, Erik

Mary and Husband, Erik



Mary and her equally as fashionable sister, Una

Mary and her equally as fashionable sister, Una


Mary and her beautiful grandniece, Emily

Mary and her beautiful grandniece, Emily

In turn, we encourage all of our over 50 women shoppers to submit photos of themselves in our fashionable accessories, costume  jewelry, and clothing to!   After all, we’d love to showcase all of you as Off Broadway Boutique fabulous.

Edit To Add:

Mary was so pleased with her vibrant hat that she felt compelled to express her appreciation for it, as well as for Off Broadway Boutique:


Dear Off Broadway Team:

I saw this hat when I was trying to decide which dress I would wear to my niece’s wedding. The wedding was to take place at a chateau in the South of France at the end of June.

First I loved the color – but the shape was so unusual. The hat just floated around my face and, despite its size, was light as a feather. It made me feel glamorous and adventurous at the same time!

It was the perfect complement to a yellow polka dot Valentino couture dress I already owned so I knew I had to have it.

My choice was confirmed when a table of young people in their 20s at the wedding called me over and said they had all voted me the most chic and glamorous woman at the wedding.

I have shopped at Off Broadway over a number of years and continue to find unique and unusual outfits and accessories.

There is no other store like it in New York and I thank all of the ladies who run it for their unique approach to fashion and the art of dressing well.

Mary Kilgarriff