Step Out in Sparkles with our Newest Fashions for Women Over 50

Hi, ladies!  Does the thought of Autumn colors give you the doldrums?  Well, fear not, because Off Broadway Boutique has just the thing to make your style sizzle this Thanksgiving – our newest fashions.  Designed with the flamboyant woman over 50 in mind, the baseball jacket and baseball cap will certainly work wonders on your style!

Take our shimmering baseball jacket as an example of how to be the epitome of casual style with a luxe twist.  Slipping this on to host your Thanksgiving dinner will guarantee that all eyes will be on you – whether you want to make a style statement in silver or a bold splash in black.

Dilemma Sequin Fall Jacket, $237, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

However, if you’re planning on going to someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner; you can take a baby step in the direction of our baseball cap.  With the same amount of stylishness as its glitzier complement, it’ll snag the right kind of attention for a chic woman such as yourself.

Dilemma Sequin Baseball Cap, $57, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Either way, you’ll be sizzling with sparkling style this season in our newest fashions – a surefire way to set yourself apart from the rest of the style set.  After all, we at Off Broadway Boutique want you to embrace the glamour that is befitting of a fashionable woman over 50.