Grab That Halloween Glamour at Off Broadway Boutique

Hello, everyone!  With Halloween a few days away, we at Off Broadway Boutique want to make sure that you embrace that spooky spirit with flair.  If you’re not sure on how to work it, look no further than our fabulous fashion expert, Camille, who showcases that you can look frighteningly fierce without sacrificing your sense of style.

Upon spying the gorgeous capes and stunning masks that our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, had brought in from her travels to Italy a few weeks ago, Camille immediately rushed to try them on.  The result was a gorgeous display of glamorous options, such as the silky satin cape that was paired with a flamboyant jester mask.  We think that the cool cigarette holder adds a lovely touch to this look:

Satin cape, $527, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Jester mask, $337, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Cigarette holder, $17, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

With your choice of black or blue satin, this hooded cape expertly straddles the line between deliciously creepy and mysteriously beautiful.  However, if you prefer a heavier look this year, may we suggest our breathtaking Halloween loom?  After all, it is made of top-quality wool that is trimmed with gorgeous satin that will handily complement those satin slippers that you’ve been dying to wear. We think that Camille looked exceptionally dazzling when she paired this cape with a gilded mask that highlighted the top hat on her head!

Wool Halloween loom with satin trim, $647, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Dazzling mask, $77, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

In addition to the aforementioned capes, Lynn also brought back an exquisite lace cape that would look devastatingly dramatic with our audacious plume mask.  Blooming with fabulous feathers, it boasts gold trimming that provides the very luxurious look that Camille wears with ease.

Plume mask, $377, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

Pair it with our lavish fan:

Fan, $47, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

and our witch glove for a unique look that is just as stylish as it is spooky.  What’s more, it is designed with attached nails that will surely provide your Halloween look with an edge.

Witch Glove, $37, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

After all, these looks provide that bewitching quality that will set your Halloween style apart from the rest.  As Camille showcases in her stunning looks, Off Broadway Boutique is the place for that unique costume glamour!

Strike a Pose in Our Dark and Dramatic Caftan Capes

Hi, ladies!  Part of the fun of wintertime is getting gussied up in the most sumptuous fashions, which is why Off Broadway Boutique is debuting our chic caftan capes for our baby-boomer clientele.  Designed with the supremely confident woman over fifty in mind, each piece is crafted in exquisite velvet for a luxurious look that is just as cozy.  Floor-length and hooded to protect from the brisk weather, they are the perfect fifty-plus fashion centerpieces to wear to a fancy dinner or a Broadway premiere!

If you’re looking for a piece that’ll provide plenty of ravishing baby-boomer style, our embroidered velvet caftan cape will work wonders on your look.  Magnificent enough for you to shimmer amongst the winter stars, you can wear our rich purple or luxurious black version with a simple chignon hairdo and beautiful bold jewelry!


Embroidered Velvet Cape, $267, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Perhaps, you would prefer a chic centerpiece with a bit more versatility.  If that’s the case, you’ll be sure to fall in love with our black multicolored velvet caftan cape.  With a pair of black velvet booties on your feet and a dramatically made-up face with jewel undertones to complement this look, you’ll be the belle of the fifty-plus winter fashion set!


Black Multicolored Flower Velvet Cape, $247, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

As a fabulous fifty-something woman, you deserve something glamorous that’ll keep the chill away this season.  Our gorgeous caftan capes definitely fit the bill, for they are the epitome of velvet luxury that is always in style during this time of year.  All you need to do is fasten the button on your neckline and prepare to wow everyone in your presence.