Angela Caputi’s New Jewelry Collection – a Preview

Hello, everyone! Although we missed the Countess of Glamour dearly during her two-week long European vacation, we were thrilled that she returned home with pairs of gorgeous earrings from Angela Caputi, one of our favorite jewelry designers.

Having invited Lynn to her showroom in Florence, Italy, Ms. Caputi was lovely enough to provide her with access to her newest jewelry pieces.  What’s more, we were gifted with one-of-a-kind jewelry that was designed for us – jewelry that will soon find their way into our stores.

For now, though, we are pleased to introduce you to a preview of what’s in store for Off Broadway Boutique’s jewelry collection – courtesy of our fabulous fashion consultant, Brianna, who immediately deemed these Chinese lantern style earrings as her favorite:


Angela Caputi chandelier earrings, $157, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

What’s more, our favorite stylist-cum-budding-actress also looked ravishingly retro in these red button earrings:


Angela Caputi red stud earrings, $97, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

In addition to those two gems, we’re also debuting these bold and beautiful hoops as a chic way to spruce up your style:

Angela Caputi black hoop earrings, $97, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

as well as these dazzling dragon style earrings with tassels:

Angela Caputi red and black chandelier tassel earrings, $217, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

After all, they definitely make wonderful additions to your jewelry collection, as well as a stunning complement to any fall look that you put together this season.  Feel free to stop in at Off Broadway Boutique to see these, as well as the new Angela Caputi jewelry that our Countess of Glamour brought in from the fashionable city of Florence.

Off Broadway Boutique Celebrates Advanced Style at The Club at Briarcliff Manor

Hello, everyone!  This past Tuesday, we were privileged to be a part of our good friend, Ari Seth Cohen’s, latest signing party for his best-selling book, Advanced Style.  A beautiful and perfect day to travel to the country, Lynn Dell, along with Off Broadway Boutique superstars, Pat and Brianna, were over the moon with excitement for the special event at The Club at Briarcliff Manor.  Stepping out in a gorgeous cream outfit with a delightful hat with caramel colored features, Lynn’s exquisitely made-up face was beaming with excitement as she donned a chic hat from It’s a Rae Rae collection.  Pat was equally in her glamorous element in a sharp black and white peplum jacket that was complemented by her trademark red lips.  Brianna rounded out the threesome with a whimsically stylish hat that captured the spirit of the fashionable event.

A luxury van arrived to pick the three fashionable ladies up as they were introduced to some of the other fabulous women that were featured in the pages of Advanced Style.  The theme of the charming and incredibly colorful conversation was gratitude for their personal style being appreciated by all walks of life.  Through warm laughter and heartfelt chats, every woman in the van illustrated how much they enjoyed the newfound visibility by reclaiming their right to their personal style and their own lives.  As they arrived at The Club at Briarcliff Manor, the women were greeted by the lovely Sherry.  After enjoying a delicious lunch, Lynn, Pat, and Brianna met with Ari, who looked quite sharp in a shocking pink blazer.  The man of the hour had already arrived to ensure that everything was in tip top shape for what was sure to be a successful fête.

This book signing party certainly lived up to our expectations as we enjoyed the company of the fashionable ladies who stopped by our set-up to see our chic Off Broadway Boutique merchandise.  While Lynn flitted between our booth and the enthusiastic crowd at the main house with charm to spare, Pat won everyone over with her effortless class and charisma.  Afterwards, we were treated to a preview of the Advanced Style documentary that was helmed by the fantastic videographer, Lina Plioplyte.  It earned unanimous raves as everyone clapped and cheered wildly, confirming that both Ari Seth Cohen and the esteemed group of fashionable women were a huge hit. Needless to say, our afternoon truly epitomized what the great Audrey Hepburn once said – the most beautiful women are the happiest.  Being surrounded by undeniably stylish women showcased that there was plenty to be happy about that day.

After toasting the documentary preview, we were disappointed to see that our time at The Club at Briarcliff Manor had come to an end.  Gearing up to return to the city that we loved so much, we said our goodbyes as we bid the country adieu.  Although we were rather exhausted at the end of the day, we were pleased that we found so much inspiration in the fashionable women that Ari featured in Advanced Style.   Suffice to say, our afternoon provided new meaning to the saying – I can’t wait until I grow up.

Amazing Actress, Brianna Hurley, is a Woman Around Town!

Our talented thespian, striking a pose

Earlier this year, we introduced you to our incredibly talented sales associate and fashionable femme, Brianna Hurley.  A special young lady, she possesses the spirit of dramatic flair that has allowed her to shine in such stage productions as The Phantom of the Opera.  Currently starring in a dual role as both the Ghost of Christmas Past and Aggy the Cleaning Lady in an original version of the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, the busy thespian was recently profiled on as a rising star on Woman Around Town.  Providing valuable advice for aspiring actresses on how to break in show business, she also discussed her dynamic rise from child phenom to full-fledged stage actress – an evolution that we at Off Broadway Boutique are privileged to be a part of. 

Brianna’s theatrical sense of style and unparalleled acting talent has earned her an increasingly growing fan base.  Inspired by the Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, she goes above and beyond to express her lively personality in the form of her flamboyant sense of fashion.                                                      

Do see Brianna’s tour-de-force performance at The Players Theatre and visit her on Facebook to keep up with her fabulous career.