Off Broadway Boutique at the Coterie Show

Hello, everyone!  With a new month comes new fashions and this month is all about fresh new styles at Off Broadway Boutique!  After all, March is the perfect time for new beginnings and with a new season in the horizon, it’s a great time to rejuvenate your wardrobe – all the more reason why our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, was on hand at the Coterie show to check out the fall designer collections.  With plenty of talent on full display in various hotels and the Javits Center, she did precisely what she does best – buying.

One of the first things that she’d found was a chic black net top that comes with a lovely tank top underneath, as well as a few palettes that make for a fashionable look.

Immediately becoming swept away by the frenzy of spring and fall shopping, Lynn had to catch her breath a bit – as she’d just returned from vacation in Mexico the day before.

Not one to shop alone, she took her adorable assistant, Brianna, along with her. Though Lynn is always asked if she is her daughter, she definitely doesn’t mind saying yes – as they work splendidly as the bows on top on one another’s heads.

Also at the Coterie show was our colleague, Camille, who cut a cute profile in this photo.  Moonlighting as a model at the Javits Center for the European trade shows, she was the cherry on top of the Lynn and Brianna sundae!

One of the highlights of Lynn’s time at the show was the discovery of a talented new designer, Krista Lawson.  Showcasing a new line of mix and match pieces that work just as well together as they do apart, she expertly captures a fresh new fashion perspective that skews younger.  We’re particularly fans of the long-sleeved mesh tank, striped cami, tufted skirt, and the draped skirt with roll tucking, which is why we’re excited that Lynn bought these pieces in burgundy and white, black and white, black, and burgundy…

…all the more reason why it was such a treat for Lynn to meet the designer, herself.


Lynn was also fond of this marvelously white and fluffy piece with plenty of layers…


It was a tough call, but she stayed firm on wanting to bring the best of the best of the most exciting spring pieces at the show.




These long-sleeved lace dresses from Janique also made the cut, as their stunning beauty complements every frame from tiny to size infinity!  The short lace number – which is available in black or beige – was a highlight as well!


The fabulous impression that this Art Deco-clad model made on Lynn prompted her to snag a few pieces for Off Broadway Boutique fall collection.


One of our classic favorites, Angela Caputi, also had a star turn at the Coterie show with this summer fashion collection.  Although Lynn had the jewelry color slightly changed from coral red and white to coral red in black, every piece sang like a canary as a result of her ingenious decision.


These black and white Angela Caputi jewelry pieces will also be debuting in our store very soon.


Another Angela Caputi selection that Lynn modified from gold to black – while keeping the special texture of the coral red beads and matching earrings intact – it is expected to arrive in our store at the end of this month of the beginning of next.


Lynn was particularly crazy about these Angela Caputi bracelets, as they provide an easy fit that opens and shuts with a hinge design.


In the end, Lynn also decided to modify this bold and beautiful bracelet by redesigning it as a coral red and black beaded jewelry piece.


The easy fit of each jewelry piece in that collection – they each have a magnetic closure! – is indicative of what our Countess of Glamour wants to bring to Off Broadway Boutique this season: easy glamour with top-quality construction that is synonymous with our store!

Angela Caputi’s New Jewelry Collection – a Preview

Hello, everyone! Although we missed the Countess of Glamour dearly during her two-week long European vacation, we were thrilled that she returned home with pairs of gorgeous earrings from Angela Caputi, one of our favorite jewelry designers.

Having invited Lynn to her showroom in Florence, Italy, Ms. Caputi was lovely enough to provide her with access to her newest jewelry pieces.  What’s more, we were gifted with one-of-a-kind jewelry that was designed for us – jewelry that will soon find their way into our stores.

For now, though, we are pleased to introduce you to a preview of what’s in store for Off Broadway Boutique’s jewelry collection – courtesy of our fabulous fashion consultant, Brianna, who immediately deemed these Chinese lantern style earrings as her favorite:


Angela Caputi chandelier earrings, $157, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

What’s more, our favorite stylist-cum-budding-actress also looked ravishingly retro in these red button earrings:


Angela Caputi red stud earrings, $97, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

In addition to those two gems, we’re also debuting these bold and beautiful hoops as a chic way to spruce up your style:

Angela Caputi black hoop earrings, $97, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

as well as these dazzling dragon style earrings with tassels:

Angela Caputi red and black chandelier tassel earrings, $217, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

After all, they definitely make wonderful additions to your jewelry collection, as well as a stunning complement to any fall look that you put together this season.  Feel free to stop in at Off Broadway Boutique to see these, as well as the new Angela Caputi jewelry that our Countess of Glamour brought in from the fashionable city of Florence.

Gift Your Loved Ones with our New Angela Caputi Jewelry This Holiday

Hello, everyone.  If you’ve been trying to find a special gift that will capture her heart, you need look no further than our amazing Angela Caputi collection.  We’ve updated it with new jewelry for women that speaks to the bold baby boomer woman with fabulous style.  So, whether they’re wishing for a pair of earrings or have their eye on a beautiful bracelet, this high-end resin and acrylic baby boomer jewelry provide an artistic flair that every fifty-plus woman will appreciate!

After all, we’re sure that they’d want eye-catching jewelry for baby boomers that will stand the test of time – all the more reason why our multi-strand bead necklaces are perfect.  They’re bold and dramatic enough to make the ultimate grand entrance during a special occasion. She will be able to wear either of this graceful jewelry for over 50 women with a solid black dress or a luxe black evening outfit that will highlight her exuberant personality.  As a result, they’ll still be the most fabulous fifty-plus woman in the room.

Angela Caputi Jade and Black Long Bead Multiple Strand Knot Necklace, $237, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Green Crystal and Black Bead Multiple Strand Twist Necklace with Rhinestones, $247, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Multiple Strand Black and Green Crystal Beaded Necklace with Acrylic Leaf Pendant, $397, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Light Jade Crystal Bead Necklace with Black Accents and Rhinestones, $317, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Light Jade Multi-strand Flower Necklace, $267, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

However, if the 50-plus woman that you’re shopping for is a bit more reserved, you should gift her with our high-quality resin earrings.  Ranging from ravishing round studs to flamboyant drop earrings, you’ll be able to choose from pale yellow, bold black and muted amber print clip-on pieces for her.

Angela Caputi Black Clip Earrings with Tortoise Drop Hoop, $127, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Crystal Bead Tiered Cluster Clip Earring, $97, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Black Clip Earring with Flat Square Tortoise Drop, $157, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Large Round Acrylic Bead Clip Earrings, $97, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Light Jade and Black Bead Drop Clip Earrings, $117, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Bead Drop Clip Earrings with Rhinestones, $117, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Angela Caputi Black Stud Clip with Large Green Bead Drop Earrings, $137, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Then again, if you’d like to surprise her with something versatile, you’ll find that our multi-bead bracelet will certainly fit the bill.  Whether she’s a baby boomer woman who prefers elegant chic or a fifty-plus woman who adores classic jewelry, this piece will work wonders for her holiday looks.  What’s more; she will have that sizzle that’ll jazz up her everyday over 50 woman’s look!

Angela Caputi Large Jade Bead Bracelet with Jet Black Crystals, $247, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Whatever you decide to choose for your loved one this holiday, be confident in the fact that you’re treating her to the finest quality of Italian jewelry for women around.   Because Angela Caputi’s jewelry for baby boomers are considered as both classic and trendy, you won’t go wrong in giving these as holiday gifts this year.  After all, baby boomer chic is what’s in this season!