Angela Caputi’s New Jewelry Collection – a Preview

Hello, everyone! Although we missed the Countess of Glamour dearly during her two-week long European vacation, we were thrilled that she returned home with pairs of gorgeous earrings from Angela Caputi, one of our favorite jewelry designers.

Having invited Lynn to her showroom in Florence, Italy, Ms. Caputi was lovely enough to provide her with access to her newest jewelry pieces.  What’s more, we were gifted with one-of-a-kind jewelry that was designed for us – jewelry that will soon find their way into our stores.

For now, though, we are pleased to introduce you to a preview of what’s in store for Off Broadway Boutique’s jewelry collection – courtesy of our fabulous fashion consultant, Brianna, who immediately deemed these Chinese lantern style earrings as her favorite:


Angela Caputi chandelier earrings, $157, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

What’s more, our favorite stylist-cum-budding-actress also looked ravishingly retro in these red button earrings:


Angela Caputi red stud earrings, $97, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

In addition to those two gems, we’re also debuting these bold and beautiful hoops as a chic way to spruce up your style:

Angela Caputi black hoop earrings, $97, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

as well as these dazzling dragon style earrings with tassels:

Angela Caputi red and black chandelier tassel earrings, $217, featured at Off Broadway Boutique

After all, they definitely make wonderful additions to your jewelry collection, as well as a stunning complement to any fall look that you put together this season.  Feel free to stop in at Off Broadway Boutique to see these, as well as the new Angela Caputi jewelry that our Countess of Glamour brought in from the fashionable city of Florence.