Lynn Dell’s Trade Show Travelogue

Hello, everyone!  The Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, has been traveling to trade shows around town in pursuit of the perfect pieces for Off Broadway Boutique.  Among the shows that she attended were the ENK show at Pier 94, the Atelier show at the Doubletree Hotel, and the Accessories, Moda, and Fame shows at the Jacob Javits Center.  Each and every show offered her the promise of finding that special piece that will become a beloved must-have in her shop.

A big winner at Pier 94’s trade shows was the statement jewelry that caught her eye and captured her heart.  Since she is always on the lookout for stunning and unique statement jewelry pieces, she was thrilled to find a new collection of gold tone played jewelry.  Each piece was simple in design and beautiful in quality, while the collars and breastplates were the centerpieces of the collection.  In addition, the Atelier show at the Doubletree Hotel hosted a great trade show from a firm named Dressed to Kill, which offered a few wonderful and special pieces that she definitely plans on selling in her shop.  A bonus was the free bags of jellybeans that they were offering around the trade shows.

When Lynn Dell arrived at the Jacob Javits Center trade shows, she immediately fell for a glamorous glass bead jewelry collection that included stunning neckpieces.  So smitten was she with the gorgeous green and beautiful blue colors that she had earrings custom made from beads and stones that she personally handpicked, even though she normally shies away from buying matching jewelry.  Since exquisite earrings were already on her mind, she made it a point to search for clip back earrings that were as bold as they were luxurious.  After all, she prides herself in offering an array of one of a kind clip back earrings that fashionable women over 50 can embrace at Off Broadway Boutique.  The pieces that she found at the Jacob Javits trade shows were beautiful ones that will certainly win the hearts of her customers.

Lynn was also inspired to buy sexy shoes for her customers to wear along with the evening clothes that they try on in the dressing rooms of her shop.  Although we haven’t done this in years, she thought it was a great idea to start it back up again so that women can truly see how sexy their legs look in a gown and gorgeous shoes.  She specifically chose these shoes in complementary colors – gold, black, and silver – so that they can get the full picture of how glamorous they can look in exquisite style.  If this turns out to be a success, we may decide to offer these shoes for purchase in the future.

Although the May trade shows are usually quiet, she still steps out to see all the fabulous fashion and glamorous jewelry that there is to offer.  Since she never knows what treasures she will find, she attends every trade show with the anticipation that that she will find that one of a kind piece that will be right at home at our shop.  Visit Off Broadway Boutique to see our diverse collection of clothes, accessories, and jewelry for women over 50 and you will see just Lynn Dell is so thrilled to attend trade shows all the time!