The Countess of Glamour on ELLE Sweden’s Fashion Blog

With her fabulous sense of baby boomer style, it’s no surprise that Lynn Dell has captivated many fashionistas around the world. The latest example of this is our newest friend, Sofia Hedstrom, who penned a lovely article about her visit with our Countess on her daily blog for ELLE Sweden (as translated from Swedish to English):

Life as a runner in New York | Published August 1, 2011

Livet och njutningen Life and pleasure

This weekend I read about a women’s prison in the United States organized a marathon. Runners Carol Hill and Suzanne MacDonald who worked part time at the prison began three years ago, wonder if running could not be part of rehabilitation. The warden was skeptical, and so even the inmates, but in just three years has löparklubben Running Free staged 17 years and strengthened several women.

Last Friday I interviewed Ari Cohen, who runs Advanced Style with women over sixty sharing their stylish. I also met amazing Lynn Dell, which is 78 years and reminded me to enjoy life. Each breakfast might be nice, any outfit creative and every day full of smiles. Lynn is not a runner, but she inspired me to be grateful for everyday things in life and when I was out this weekend and ran I thought about her advice.

This week, it happens a lot on the blog. I will respond to your excellent questions, but also reveal the will of three who won the running wear from Helly Hansen. Over a hundred people have mailed in their favorite songs. And speaking of enjoying life’s details so I look right now over this lovely bouquet of flowers that I received last Friday. The flowers come from something extremely rare in New York, namely someone’s garden. In this case, my date’s.

So enchanted by Lynn was Sofia that she interviewed her for an upcoming segment for the Norwegian network, NRK, on a television program called Nationalgalleriet. It will air on television in September and will be available on the Internet, so stay tuned to see The Countess of Glamour in all her glamorous glory!

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