Lynn Dell’s Fabulous Discovery – The Weekender Duffle Bag

Although Lynn Dell adores attending trade shows and finding plenty of one of a kind fashion and jewelry pieces, it is quite a hassle to carry the weight around.  As useful as a backpack or tote can be, it always adds strain to her back and shoulders.  This is why she is so grateful to have recently discovered the PurseN weekender duffle bag.

A handy travel duffle bag whose wheels and handle make it easy to drag around, it was such a lifesaver for her during her trade show travels.  Not only did Lynn no longer have to carry any weight on her back and shoulders, this bag gave her plenty of room to carry all of the clothing, accessories, and jewelry that she picked up from every show for our shop.  We are so thrilled with this great find that we are definitely going to sell these at Off Broadway Boutique so that both shoppers and travelers can carry their things and move around.

In turn, we will definitely keep everyone posted on when the fabulous PurseN weekender duffle bag will arrive in our shop.