Introducing It’s a Rae Rae – Rachel Rae’s Hat Collection

Hello, darlings!  We at Off Broadway Boutique believe in getting acquainted with fabulous fashion talent, as we always display the best that there is.  High fashion hat designer and our good friend, Rachel Rae, definitely fall under that category, as her collection, It’s a Rae Rae, captures the glamour that is synonymous with our shop.

We are especially pleased to see Rachel, who had worked in our shop about 27 years ago, enjoy her success with her one-of-a-kind chapeaus.  They have even caught the eye of VOGUE editor-at-large, André Leon Talley, who applauds their first-rate versatility in being “worn with casual elegance or with the best bespoke suits.”  This is why it is such a joy to see Rachel come full circle in expressing her eye for style through this wonderful collection.


Rachel Rae’s stylish hats are definitely a must-have for any woman that loves to dress with the utmost glamour in mind.  For more information about her collection, please visit her website, It’s a Rae Rae.