Color Your Wardrobe Wonderful This Season

Hello, ladies!  Is your fall fashion in a rut this season?  Well, look no further than our colorful window display, which showcases some of the most vibrant pieces that you’ll ever lay eyes on this season.  As we mentioned last week, it provides you with some sensational style inspiration that will certainly motivate you to shake up your look!

If you aren’t afraid to embrace the effervescent world of bright color, take the plunge in a stunning Desigual coat.  Designed as a wearable work of art, each piece boasts a kaleidoscope of colorful prints that will certainly make your style sizzle.  From our ravishing red brocade coat that is priced at $324 to our posh purple patch coat that is valued at $359, as well as our opulent orange brocade coat that is priced at $309:

you’re destined to catch everyone’s eye wherever you go this season!  After all, each coat would be the perfect complement to your neutral look while making your style pop.

Then again, if you prefer to make a smaller, but no less sparkling, style impression this autumn, slip on a colorfully chic accessory.  Whether it’d be the marvelous mosaic that is our Desigual wedge boots that are priced at $209:

or our wonderfully wild Iris Apfel bag that is valued at $547 and available in both orange and ruby:

you will be marching to the beat of your own fashionista drum.  As you can see by the wonderful looks in our display, it’s amazing just what a punch of color can and will do for your fall fashion look!  And if you’re not sure on how to pull off this fantastically colorful look, stop by Off Broadway Boutique so that our savvy staff of fashion experts can show you how to look beautiful this season.