Dress Ravishingly Retro in our Exclusive String Top


Hi, everyone!  Having been a fashion mainstay in New York City for over 50 years, we at Off Broadway Boutique have weathered ever-changing trends for just as long.  As a result, stylish women have chosen our shop as the place to snag exclusive fashions like our sophisticated string top.  Lynn Dell’s fashionable cousin, Ilene, looked positively smashing in hers at the Roaring 20’s garden party that she’d attended at the Fiddletop Estate in the Berkshires a few weekends ago:

Bidwell House Museum Throws a Party That’s The Cat’s Pajamas

Amy Krzanik reports from Monterey.

All the dapper dons and dolled-up dames were at the Bidwell House Museum’s 1920s garden party on Saturday, August 3, at Bill Brockman’s “Fiddletop” Estate. Music from the Jazz Age filled the ears of all the guys and dolls in attendance, as the East Egg Trio featuring Skip Parsons performed under the tent. Volunteers went all-out providing a grand selection of delectable hors d’oeuvres, fabulous flower arrangements, and Roaring Twenties-themed refreshments. (A homemade martini called The Bee’s Knees, anyone?) State Representative Smitty Pignatelli presented Bill Brockman with an official citation from the Massachusetts State Senate for his work in helping to preserve an important part of local and national history, and the night’s emcee Chapin Fish and gallerist Charles Flint led an auction featuring artwork, jewelry, and dinner and conversation with celebrated author Simon Winchester. All proceeds go to support the historic 1750s homestead, its education programs, and its upkeep. (Shown L to R above: Board Member Delight Dodyk, Executive Director Barbara Palmer, and Assistant to the Director Eileen Mahoney).

Perfectly capturing the essence of the Jazz Age music that was performed by the East Egg Trio band, Cousin Ilene’s white string top swayed to the rhythm that she’d danced to.  With champagne flowing and plenty of delicious goodies, it sounded like such a fabulous affair and a fantastic occasion to wear our exclusive piece.  In turn, we at Off Broadway Boutique think that it’s safe to say that the Countess of Glamour’s cousin was the best-dressed dame at the party!


Off Broadway Boutique – A Diva’s Paradise

Hello, everyone!  With the magic of the holidays in the air, it’s no surprise that Off Broadway Boutique was recently blessed with the presence of Susan Graham, one of the top mezzo-soprano singers to ever hit the stage.  After all, we’re sure that this diva wanted to celebrate her latest triumph at the Metropolitan Opera House as Dido in Les Troyens – all the more reasons why we were thrilled to see her step into our store.  Quite a beauty with a gorgeously tall body and a charming personality, Susan was the perfect person to showcase the latest in our lavish fashions and opulent jewelry to.

Having been a loyal and wonderful customer of Off Broadway Boutique‘s for years, Susan has always enjoyed shopping in the front of our store.  Not only does she find bold pieces that are befitting of an opera diva such as herself, she has also come across unique finds that always accentuate her one-of-a-kind style.  It’s a style that is also owed to the gorgeous vintage pieces that she finds in our reruns and consignment department in the back of our shop.  Coupled with her being kind enough to provide our consignment department with her gently-worn clothes, we truly believe that Susan’s effortless chic is a perfect case of style karma blessing this stunningly talented diva.

After getting reacquainted with our staff, Susan slipped into the first of many gorgeous gowns of ours.  To say that they were tailor-made for her is an understatement, as each piece flattered her towering frame while highlighting her diva stature.  In addition, she snagged quite a few pairs of glamorous shoes that were available in size 11 – a size that we’ve often fulfilled in order to cater to the ladies with large feet and lavish taste in footwear.  Needless to say, Off Broadway Boutique is a great source for you to find stylish shoes that are befitting of a diva like Susan Graham.

Eventually, other opera singers from the Metropolitan Opera House recognized her from outside and decided to come inside to say hello.  Although these were colleagues of hers, they were just as awestruck as we were once they laid eyes on her in our amazing gowns.  The energy that permeated the atmosphere made it seem as if we were backstage at an opera show with the top performers thriving in their element.  Needless to say, it was a wonderfully fun experience for all of us!

Being a huge fan of Susan’s, our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, was thrilled that she had stopped by our shop.  After all, it’d be her chance to ask for that 8×10 glossy photo that she’d been requesting over the past 10 years.  Unfortunately, Susan had since upgraded to owning digital photos of herself – a fact that she had found funny while Lynn found it hilarious.  Moments such as these are why Susan Graham is, indeed, a diva and a regular dame wrapped up in one.  It is the ability to electrify the atmosphere with one’s mere presence while being able to relate to everyone that makes one the quintessential Off Broadway Boutique woman – one that we are proud to consider Susan Graham as.

Lynn Dell – A Muse of All Seasons

Hello, everyone! We’ve made no secret about our affection for The Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, which is why it is always a pleasure to have her visit our lovely shop.  After all, she is a major source of style inspiration for both clients and staff – both of whom always look forward to seeing her in a uniquely marvelous look.  In addition, it is her vision that has steered Off Broadway Boutique on the right path of fashionable fabulousness for over 40 years!

Our newest fashion consultant, Tracy, certainly caught wind of this when she saw Lynn stroll in our shop in a gorgeous purple ensemble yesterday.  Immediately thinking of the purple fox fur and wool hooded neckpiece that she had seen in our vintage and consignment department earlier, she just knew that it’d be the perfect complement to her look.  Although Lynn hadn’t quite understood the hoopla about it, she immediately did an about-face once she realized just how luxurious and comfortable it looked and felt on her.

To say that the result was purely magical is an understatement, as that gorgeous piece is one out of many enchanting ones that can be found in our lovely vintage and consignment department. In once again living up to her well-earned reputation as The Countess of Glamour, Lynn managed to take everyone’s breath away while proving Tracy’s fashion-forward intuition correct.  Therefore, it was no surprise that Tracy made a glorious sale out of it by selling the originally $110 neckpiece to Lynn for 20% off while bringing it down to $83 plus tax.  What’s more, the stunning neckpiece served as yet another example why Off Broadway Boutique’s reruns and consignment department is such a source of exceptionally elegant fashions.  After all, Lynn has prided herself on always adding a little extra something to her style – a motto that has been duplicated in every single piece that she has chosen for Off Broadway Boutique’s diverse collection.