Off Broadway Boutique Customer Spotlight: Mabel

Hello, everyone!  We recently had the pleasure of assisting our youngest customer, Mabel, at Off Broadway Boutique.  Three years old with a natural eye for fabulous style, she arrived at our boutique last week along with her parents and older sister, Ella, with one goal in mind – to find that piece that would make a sensational fashion statement.

Mabel led the way to our reruns vintage department, where she fell head over heels for a vintage flower crown headpiece.  As she modeled it for everyone in the shop, it was clear that that the floral chapeau fit her to a tee!  We are certain that you will be able to find these one of a kind treasures in our reruns vintage department as well.

As we got to know Mabel’s father, who played the priest in the play, Doubt, her older sister, Ella, and her mother, who works at Julliard, we were pleased to see that Mabel was a part of a loving family who embraced her innate sense of style.  We hope that this is the first of many times that Mabel visits us at Off Broadway Boutique.

Style Yourself Beautiful with Off Broadway Boutique’s Personal Shopping Department

Hello, ladies!  Have you ever been in a bind when it comes to finding the perfect look for a special occasion?  Well, look no further, as we at Off Broadway Boutique have a solution that will save you plenty of time while ensuring that you look stunning – our personal shopping service.   Our team of fabulous personal shoppers is equipped with an array of fabulous fashions and gorgeous jewelry that will make you look as great as our most recent customer did after they underwent our makeover.

Arriving in a wheelchair with her chauffeur and caregiver in tow, she sought out the talents of our fashion superstar, Pat, to dress her for a party that she was attending later that day.  In addition to recommending stylish outfits and breathtaking jewelry for our customer to wear, Pat used her own makeup to paint a beautiful face that was ready for her red carpet moment.  As she left our store to attend the party with her caregiver and chauffeur, our customer offered Pat the sincerest of thank yous for making her look like a million dollars.

At Off Broadway Boutique, we pride ourselves in providing women with glamour and style – two qualities that go hand in hand with our personal shopping department.  Stop by our shop and we will definitely make you over from head to toe in time for you to go straight to the party.  Not only will we make you look smashing enough for your night on the town, no one will ever suspect that you had gotten ready at the last minute!

Off Broadway Boutique Customer Spotlight: Maris

Hello, everyone!  One of the best things about being around for over 40 years is the wonderful clients that shop at our boutique.   No matter how near or far or however old a woman is, we’ve successfully tapped into every woman’s desire to be glamorous while embracing their beauty. Lynn Dell’s good friend, Maris, is no exception to that rule, as she has been honing her sense of style at Off Broadway Boutique for years.

A woman with a taste for elegant fashion and fine jewelry, Maris often stops at our store to purchase many treasures – including the Ronald Jackson cotton poet shirt that she had worn while visiting us the other day.  While we carry it in different colors, she opted for a solid black color that would work splendidly as the right contrast for the fabulous Angela Caputi resin chandelier earrings that she also bought from us.  It is a chic and versatile look that can be worn day or night for any occasion.

While the majority of the earrings that we sell at Off Broadway Boutique are clip earrings, we can have them made into pierced earrings for you.  This is what Maris – whose ears are pierced – requested when she ordered her resin chandelier earrings.  She was such a fan of them that she returned to not only purchase our Angela Caputi chandelier link earrings, but our matching long necklace that was a fabulous complement to her white tunic.  Maris’ fashionable look is one out of many flattering ones that our fabulous team of fashion coordinators can provide to you at our shop.