Lynn Dell – A Muse of All Seasons

Hello, everyone! We’ve made no secret about our affection for The Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, which is why it is always a pleasure to have her visit our lovely shop.  After all, she is a major source of style inspiration for both clients and staff – both of whom always look forward to seeing her in a uniquely marvelous look.  In addition, it is her vision that has steered Off Broadway Boutique on the right path of fashionable fabulousness for over 40 years!

Our newest fashion consultant, Tracy, certainly caught wind of this when she saw Lynn stroll in our shop in a gorgeous purple ensemble yesterday.  Immediately thinking of the purple fox fur and wool hooded neckpiece that she had seen in our vintage and consignment department earlier, she just knew that it’d be the perfect complement to her look.  Although Lynn hadn’t quite understood the hoopla about it, she immediately did an about-face once she realized just how luxurious and comfortable it looked and felt on her.

To say that the result was purely magical is an understatement, as that gorgeous piece is one out of many enchanting ones that can be found in our lovely vintage and consignment department. In once again living up to her well-earned reputation as The Countess of Glamour, Lynn managed to take everyone’s breath away while proving Tracy’s fashion-forward intuition correct.  Therefore, it was no surprise that Tracy made a glorious sale out of it by selling the originally $110 neckpiece to Lynn for 20% off while bringing it down to $83 plus tax.  What’s more, the stunning neckpiece served as yet another example why Off Broadway Boutique’s reruns and consignment department is such a source of exceptionally elegant fashions.  After all, Lynn has prided herself on always adding a little extra something to her style – a motto that has been duplicated in every single piece that she has chosen for Off Broadway Boutique’s diverse collection.


Off Broadway Boutique Customer Spotlight: Mabel

Hello, everyone!  We recently had the pleasure of assisting our youngest customer, Mabel, at Off Broadway Boutique.  Three years old with a natural eye for fabulous style, she arrived at our boutique last week along with her parents and older sister, Ella, with one goal in mind – to find that piece that would make a sensational fashion statement.

Mabel led the way to our reruns vintage department, where she fell head over heels for a vintage flower crown headpiece.  As she modeled it for everyone in the shop, it was clear that that the floral chapeau fit her to a tee!  We are certain that you will be able to find these one of a kind treasures in our reruns vintage department as well.

As we got to know Mabel’s father, who played the priest in the play, Doubt, her older sister, Ella, and her mother, who works at Julliard, we were pleased to see that Mabel was a part of a loving family who embraced her innate sense of style.  We hope that this is the first of many times that Mabel visits us at Off Broadway Boutique.

Lynn Dell Takes On the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

Hello, darlings! As a woman over 50 who is a vintage style aficionado, I was thrilled to be invited to one of the top fashion events of the year – the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. Taking place this past Friday, I had wonderful fun hobnobbing with the fabulous fashionistas while having my photo taken by many high-profile photographers and bloggers.

Photographed by Ari Seth Cohen

Being surrounded by such high-profile people as Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style and Bill Cunningham of The New York Times, while being chronicled by AOL, was as thrilling as New York Fashion Week. Needless to say, the process of attending this show is more exciting than the show itself.

Photographed by Ari Seth Cohen

The best part about this magical night was being complimented on my red vintage felt hat – a hat that I knew would be just right for this occasion from the first time that I laid eyes on it in the vintage reruns department of my boutique. Pairing it with my red suede boots and marvelous black cape completed my style for a woman over 50.

Photographed by Ari Seth Cohen