Off Broadway Boutique’s Invited Guest: Tamron Hall


Hi, everyone!  Over the past few weeks, we at Off Broadway Boutique have been fortunate enough to meet many interesting people.  With our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, making the rounds on television and in magazines, our profile has been rising considerably.  The best part is being able to meet a variety of lovely people who share our appreciation for glamour – such as the lovely Tamron Hall, who’d stopped by this past Saturday to see exactly why we’ve successfully sold style and elegance on the Upper West Side for over 50 years.



Just as beautiful and charming in person as she is onscreen, the NewsNation with Tamron Hall and Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall host immediately fell in love with Off Broadway Boutique’s brand of dramatic flair–from Lynn Dell’s undeniable charisma to the flamboyant Kenneth Jay Lane earrings that she’d ended up purchasing from us. Accompanied with her was her best friend, CEO of image consulting firm, Your Style, Your Image, Sylvia Christian, who looked absolutely fabulous after our fashion stylist extraordinaire, Pat, showed her the sartorial benefits of a gorgeous head wrap.



After trying on our unique fashions and stunning jewelry, both ladies bestowed nothing but praise on our collections–even choosing a few more pieces to splurge on.  Thrilled that they’d chosen to spend a part of their Saturday shopping expedition with Lynn Dell, she immediately extended an invitation to return at their leisure. Promising to do so while thanking us for such a lovely afternoon, Tamron and Sylvia bid us farewell as we mused at how fantastic they looked in the jewelry and fashions that they’d bought from us.


We definitely hope that Tamron had as much of a ball on her birthday yesterday as we did when she shopped at Off Broadway Boutique.

Flaunt Your Fabulous Friendship Style with Off Broadway Boutique

Hello, everyone!  One thing that never goes out of style is a fantastic friendship, as it showcases the timeless qualities that we at Off Broadway Boutique cherish – love, health, and happiness.  Our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, embodies it to a tee, which is why she was the epitome of elegance with her equally exquisite friend, Lucille Chayt, the other day.


Thrilled that Lucille flew in from Mexico to spend time with her, Lynn Dell decided that they should both paint the town red in Off Broadway Boutique pieces in spite of her recent foot injury.  Deciding on a marvelous black net double tiered top that we carry in our store for $267 and black cotton sheathed big pocket opera pants that are also in stock for $477, she was a vivacious vision on the streets of New York.


Not one to limit herself to a single color, The Countess of Glamour decided to jazz up her look with our lightweight 14kt yellow gold foil Viktoria Hayman balsai wood bead necklace that we are currently selling for $377 at Off Broadway Boutique. Pairing it with our 14kt yellow gold foil Viktoria Hayman balsai wood bead earrings that we have in our store for $97, she made a fantastic complement to Lucille’s white and black high-low style.


The result was ravishing, as both ladies were radiant on the streets of New York City.  Having a ball throughout their day out together, they looked sensational in our Off Broadway Boutique fashions and jewelry – which you can easily buy when you visit our shop.  Though the walking boot comes separately, the fashion statement definitely does not!

We’re Throwing a Blowout Sale Bonanza at Off Broadway Boutique


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Hello, everyone.  We at Off Broadway Boutique we so excited to show off the great window that we have right now!  Featuring colorful pieces that are on sale for 30-50% off, it is filled with the best quality of fashions, jewelry, and accessories at great prices.  You’d do well to not miss this opportunity by visiting our shop right away.  After all, we only have a sale this spectacular only twice a year, so come on over and take advantage of these fresh and wonderful pieces while we still have them in your size!


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If you’re a grown up that is feeling young at heart, we’re giving you the perfect chance to get our cherry-red bicycle in our window.  One of my favorite toys that I’ve enjoyed riding around town in, Off Broadway Boutique has now marked it down from $600 to $457!  It’s such a fantastic deal, don’t you think?

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After pedaling around town in that beautiful bike, I have decided at 80 years old – no less – that I need to find a new hobby.  Hoping that a lucky customer of ours will love it as much as I did, I’d love for you to come on over to Off Broadway Boutique to see it up close in our window along with our vibrant clothing, stunning jewelry, and fashionable accessories.  So, what are you waiting for?  Come visit us so that you can embrace the many ways how you can dress for the theatre of your life without paying more than you should!