Angelika Moller: Off Broadway Boutique’s Chic Holiday Stylista

Hello, ladies! If your idea of holiday fun is vacationing in a balmy locale, you’ll definitely need to look the part. Sure, taking a break from the frigid weather should be enough of an enjoyable time, but there’s something about dressing well that makes you feel sensational. Fortunately, we at Off Broadway Boutique know everything about dressing well, which is why we weren’t surprised to see our lovely customer, Angelika Moller, look fantastic in our fashions!

Inspired by an earlier photo of me in our exclusive string top, Angelika personally reached out to us to place an order on one in white.  The result – as you can see – is absolutely amazing!  Available for $207 in our shop, this piece is a wonderful way to step out in style during your holiday vacation in the sun!


What’s more, Angelika chose our pleated string top – which you can purchase from us for $127 – to complete her resort collection. A stunning contrast in black and white, she added a pin for that statement-making flourish that garnered plenty of rave reviews. As you can see by her beaming smile, she easily embodies that Off Broadway Boutique style!


We were so pleased to receive these lovely snapshots of Angelika in our pieces that we simply had to use her as our holiday style muse this year. If you’re planning on celebrating the holidays in the warm and lovely weather, you can definitely take a page out of this fashionista’s book!

Save the Date: Celebrate Life and Embrace Joy at Off Broadway Boutique’s Fashion Show


Hello, everyone!  When it comes to putting on a show, we at Off Broadway Boutique pride ourselves on putting on a memorable one that is filled with glitz, glamour, and gorgeousness.  After all, it’s only fair that we live up to the very saying that our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, exemplifies – dressing for the theatre of one’s life.  That’s why we can say with the utmost of confidence that our upcoming fashion show is going to be an incredible affair!

Taking place this Wednesday at 7PM at Off Broadway Boutique, we will be collaborating with the Alloro Collection to feature some of our sensational fashions on full display.  We will be auctioning some of our famous pieces from fabulous designers such as Ronald Jackson while showcasing our favorite looks on some of today’s most stylish women.  In addition, we will also be showing outfits from the Alloro Fashion Collection while inviting everyone to participate in our elegant boutique and trunk show.

We strongly believe in making every woman look and feel as gorgeous as they are which is why 25% of the profits from this show will go towards helping those who are and have experienced breast cancer.  Not only will this go towards a very worthy cause, it’s a perfect way to inspire all women to find the beauty and joy that comes from living a full life.

Please join us at Off Broadway Boutique this coming Wednesday, October 2nd for an exquisite evening filled with fantastic fashions and lovely laughs.  Though limited seating is available, we’d love for you to stop by to celebrate the gift of life and love with us.

Flaunt Your Fabulous Friendship Style with Off Broadway Boutique

Hello, everyone!  One thing that never goes out of style is a fantastic friendship, as it showcases the timeless qualities that we at Off Broadway Boutique cherish – love, health, and happiness.  Our Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, embodies it to a tee, which is why she was the epitome of elegance with her equally exquisite friend, Lucille Chayt, the other day.


Thrilled that Lucille flew in from Mexico to spend time with her, Lynn Dell decided that they should both paint the town red in Off Broadway Boutique pieces in spite of her recent foot injury.  Deciding on a marvelous black net double tiered top that we carry in our store for $267 and black cotton sheathed big pocket opera pants that are also in stock for $477, she was a vivacious vision on the streets of New York.


Not one to limit herself to a single color, The Countess of Glamour decided to jazz up her look with our lightweight 14kt yellow gold foil Viktoria Hayman balsai wood bead necklace that we are currently selling for $377 at Off Broadway Boutique. Pairing it with our 14kt yellow gold foil Viktoria Hayman balsai wood bead earrings that we have in our store for $97, she made a fantastic complement to Lucille’s white and black high-low style.


The result was ravishing, as both ladies were radiant on the streets of New York City.  Having a ball throughout their day out together, they looked sensational in our Off Broadway Boutique fashions and jewelry – which you can easily buy when you visit our shop.  Though the walking boot comes separately, the fashion statement definitely does not!