Amazing Actress, Brianna Hurley, is a Woman Around Town!

Our talented thespian, striking a pose

Earlier this year, we introduced you to our incredibly talented sales associate and fashionable femme, Brianna Hurley.  A special young lady, she possesses the spirit of dramatic flair that has allowed her to shine in such stage productions as The Phantom of the Opera.  Currently starring in a dual role as both the Ghost of Christmas Past and Aggy the Cleaning Lady in an original version of the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, the busy thespian was recently profiled on as a rising star on Woman Around Town.  Providing valuable advice for aspiring actresses on how to break in show business, she also discussed her dynamic rise from child phenom to full-fledged stage actress – an evolution that we at Off Broadway Boutique are privileged to be a part of. 

Brianna’s theatrical sense of style and unparalleled acting talent has earned her an increasingly growing fan base.  Inspired by the Countess of Glamour, Lynn Dell, she goes above and beyond to express her lively personality in the form of her flamboyant sense of fashion.                                                      

Do see Brianna’s tour-de-force performance at The Players Theatre and visit her on Facebook to keep up with her fabulous career.

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