About Lynn Dell

Lynn Dell

“The Countess of Glamour”

They say that everything old becomes new again, and for New York based fashion sensation Lynn Dell this moment in fashion is just that: new again. With fashion finally referencing the by-gone days of ubiquitous glamour and endless sophistication it is the entrepreneurial likes Mrs. Lynn Dell owner of “Off Broadway,” New York’s most glamorous trend-setting boutique for 40 years, who find themselves among the remaining pillars of high fashion for a grown up ladies. Lynn lives her life in the fascinating world most of us only see from afar; her eye for originality, unduplicated by any other fashion maven in the business, marks her view from the inside.

In addition to hosting a successful television show for 10 years (called “Positively Lynn”), she produced and directed weekly fashion shows at New York’ fabulous Tavern on the Green and Grand Hyatt Hotel. Millions also saw her on top-rated nationally syndicated TV shows such as Oprah and Regis and Kelly Live, and heard her inspirational lectures on the radio and even of luxury cruise ships.

For Lynn, it is her relentless focus on the unwavering aspects of womanhood that have allowed her to avoid passing trends and create stunning design concepts for women over 50 just like [her] who gain and lose weight regularly.” It is this rare and innovative mentality that lent itself to her original creation, the “One Size Fits All Collection”. Lynn believes that all women, regardless of size or age, should not only feel confident in their clothes but also in their bodies and she strives to create a look and feel that accomplishes such a feat.

“Usually women go to a fashion show, see the skinny models wearing the latest and say, ‘well, I can’t wear that. I’ll have to lose 30 pounds to look that good.’ I’m telling them to ‘live today’ and enjoy themselves. Be beautiful now. Today is the most important day in their lives.” And while she has fashion experts and personal shoppers alike transforming her boutique customer’s daily, the greater world would benefit greatly from her tips as well, especially with fashion’s burgeoning penchant for all things glamorous and captivating.

Her expertise is reinforced by her travels throughout the world in search of the new, the unusual, and the one-of-a-kind designs for her thousands of customers; Lynn is the epitome of the woman who lives life to the fullest.