Spruce Up Your Style in Our Stunning Sequin Boots!

Hi, ladies! Has the chilly season sent you into a style rut? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place, for Off Broadway Boutique has just the cure for humdrum fashion – our shimmering sequin boots! Possessing the perfect mélange of contemporary flavor and classic style, they are versatile enough to fit wear with various looks. In addition, our boots provide that extra zest of style for any chic woman at any age without making her fall victim to trends.

Made with supple leather while adorned with sparkling sequins along the length and height of each boot, they add the right amount of stature to your outfit. For instance, if you were in the mood to embellish your jeans and sweater look, our pewter-hued boots would make for a great choice. They add that extra kick without throwing off your casual style!

Pewter Sequin Boots, $157, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Should you be concerned about sacrificing style for comfort or vice versa, our sequin boots score on both counts. Designed with a plush interior lining to offset their sharp style, they provide a comfortable fit while allowing you to be the fashionable femme that you truly are. Clocking in at 16” from top to bottom, they elongate your legs while providing wiggle room with 15” space around each calf. What’s more, their 2” heel allows you to strut without stumbling – ideal for when you’re dressing up for a day out in our urbane black boots.

Black Sequin Boots, $157, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Our beautiful brown boots guarantee that glam look without giving up your mature sensibility:

Brown Sequin Boots, $157, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

What’s the best part about our snazzy sequin boots? They’re great to wear year-round so that you’ll always have that style staple on hand for every occasion. Even better, you’ll be among the 40+ and fantastic women that will make heads turn with each stride. Should anyone ask just where you snagged our sensational boots, just steer them towards Off Broadway Boutique– where glamour lives and elegance thrives!

Put On That Pizzazz in Our Oversized Pocket Pants

Hello, ladies! Have you been searching high and low or that special piece that’ll add the sizzle to your style? Well, fear not, because Off Broadway Boutique has just the thing that’ll make that big and bold statement – our oversized pocket pants. Custom-made in our workroom studio with the amazingly ageless femme in mind, they possess that eye-catching element that will guarantee a grand reaction. In addition, they are designed with a voluminous fabric in a one-size-fits-most fit. They flatter every stylish shape out there so that you’ll never fade into the woodwork – regardless of size or age.

Our Silk Dupioni pocket pants are a perfect example of this, for their customized fit and various color choices provide you with the chance to be flamboyantly fashionable. What’s more; the electrifying fabric adds a breezy effect to the wide legged pants in a way that sets them apart from the average dress slacks. Comfort is also the key to its amazing appeal, for the elasticated waist band allows every fabulous forty-something to float around town like the dazzling diva that they are! Pair them with our beautiful bolero jacket and you’re certain to be the toast of the town!

Silk Dupioni Wide Leg Oversized Pocket Pants, $377, featured by Off Broadway Boutique

Because we at Off Broadway Boutique believe in living life to the fullest, it’s no surprise that we present pieces that measure up to that mindset. While our oversized pocket pants are a prime example of this, we ultimately carry style staples that every bold and beautiful woman can appreciate. That way, you’ll give off that glamour without falling victim to unbecoming trends and dowdy designs.

Since we’re all about cultivating that connection with our chic clientele, we’d love to hear more about what strikes your fashion fancy. We know you’ve got great experience to go along with your exquisite tastes, so please feel free to share what it is about you that makes you fabulous past forty. After all, you inspire us to showcase our show-stopping style!

Come See Our Sensational Valentine’s Windows!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we at Off Broadway Boutique have decided to present a wondrous display that is pleasing to the eye and the soul. Designed with the love that symbolizes this holiday, we truly believe that you’ll love our windows. This is why it is our pleasure to introduce you to Sue Kreitzman – our friend, our customer, as well as a prolific cookbook author, lecturer, teacher, and television personality. Much to her surprise, she was seduced by Art in the second half of life. It was a coup de foudre, coming upon her “… violently, inadvertently…” Despite completely dissimilar backgrounds (Sue has no training, showed no early talent, and had, until ten years ago, “never so much as doodled,”) they’re enjoying a joyful, passionate, and productive relationship…the fruits of which we share in our windows this month.

Paintings and constructions of “powerful and colorful female figures, imagined goddesses, personal heroines, glimpsed strangers, and self portraits” line her walls, fill her shelves and obsess her imagination. Favorites include Eve, Josephine Baker, Frida Kahlo, Wonder Woman, Carmen Miranda, and Medusa, whom Sue feels got a bad rap living as a strong, singular and magical woman at a time ruled by men.

Her iconic “Memory Jugs” continue a tradition gong as far back as memorials to the dead created by African slaves of the deep South, and as differently motivated as a kind of three dimensional scrapbook female hobbyists would put together beginning in the Victorian era. Memorials were made by emptying the pockets of the deceased and embedding these small objects with others of a personal nature into a clay or putty covered jug. Decorative pieces would be fabricated by pressing on found objects-thimbles, marbles, bits of broken jewelry, buttons, toys…and then, sometimes, painted gold.

Sue’s indomitably cheerful and completely unique modern day interpretations of this genre are richly decorated with “fascinating and profound junk gleaned from charity shops, salvage yards, and flea markets.” Each is topped with a head or head and torso – from mannequin to doll or action figure- representing the essence of the character being saluted. Most of these are embellished as well. The work sings of her zeal. Its confidence, energy, and mythological presence galvanize emotion and tickle one’s spirit.

If you’re interested in commissioning or selling Sue’s work, do feel free to e-mail her with your inquiries. Should you want to learn more about her international Outsider Art Group, you can check out their official website for more details. Meanwhile, we invite you over to Off Broadway Boutique to get swept up in the enchantment of our amazing display this Valentine’s Day!